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What business woman are looking for in a man?

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So I analyzed my past relationships: the good and the bad. What was great, what was bed and what was missing and I came up with a list of qualities business woman look for in a man. I am saying business woman as I am one, but what I mean is a woman that is independent (makes her own money and do not let anybody tell her what to do), knows her worth, have her goals and is already happy. Here is a great characteristic:

habbits of successful woman
Source: Habbits of successful woman

If a woman is not happy then she will settle and go hook up with fuckboys. So important factor here is she is already happy!

And here are mine and my friend’s thought about fuckboys and girls who hook up with them:

They are lonely and unhappy people and you can’t build a happy relationship with an unhappy person. Addiction makes you fall in love with something that doesn’t love you back.

And I don’t like easy- I need challenge and finding the perfect guy is not a piece of cake.

So first of I sat and thought what it is that makes me happy. And many of you will say: money. Money enables you to buy stuff and helps a lot to get whatever it is that makes us happy but imagine you have all the money in the world already, how would you spend your days what would you do.

cute bunny pictures funny bunny images bunny pics allthestufficareabout
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So in my case number 1 are my bunnies, that is the family I chose. They make me happy everyday so I want the best for them, when I go on holidays there is not a day I am not thinking about them and missing them. After 3 weeks not being with them I literally feel pain in my body that is how much I miss them. I face time them daily but its not the same.

miami wynwood art district photoshoot ideas
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The other thing I love are road-trips I love driving, I love being the driver and listen to music when I drive- very laud. Thats my thing plus I love sightseeing and visiting new places.

happy frinds photoshoot
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Friends are a great addition to that, if I can go on a trip with someone I like I would definitely do that. If I can’t arrange to go with friends I go by myself and meet people on the way.

I love to travel, by plane as well- not only road trips but once I get to the new destination then road trips again:)

makua beach
Makua Beach, HI
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I love sun and water – ocean, sea, lake, pool.

More pics like this find on my instagram

I love food, trying new things, being active- play tennis, go on jet ski or paddle board.

kids allthestufficareabout little blonde twins-2
More pics like this find on my instagram

I love kids I like talking to kids playing with them, they bring so much energy and they are just so true, they don’t play games, they don’t talk bs. I do love spending time with kids.

I love spending time with people in general. Old people, business people, people who have similar interests or completely different. I love to listen to stories learn from they experiences.

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One of the amazing features of IG are the instastories where you can see “live” places you would like to see or discover places you never knew existed. Photos are great too but all those filters sometimes are annoying. I got really disappointed when I went to Makua Beach in Hawaii (pic above) as the IG pic was mind blowing, and I am not saying the place wasn’t beautiful, it was but way different than what I saw in real life.

summer nails inspo
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Another thing that makes me happy is when I look and feel pretty. So getting new cosmetics or clothes, getting a facial or massage will put a smile on my face.

I love listen to music and dancing.

I love watching movies and tv series.

I love beautiful interior design and can stare at it for hours.

I love doing stuff that I am good at and it brings results. I cant stand doing repetitive work that is useless and waste of time. That is why I have to be my own boss and give myself challenging tasks. Easy work is boring. 

I love to learn new things.

So when I look at the list I made I am not missing much in my life and all the things I would add to it costs $ or is the perfect man or health.

Health, wealth & relationships are the 3 main things that need to be in order for us to be happy.

So if the man is not meeting our criteria and is not making us happy then it will impact our health and wealth. SO it is just way smarter to not have a guy rather than have one that would cause trouble.

So what do business woman look for in a man

The top 10 would be

  1. values
  2. maturity, open conversations
  3. autonomy – not control, not force
  4. trust
  5. personality
  6. interests
  7. positive mindset
  8. life goals
  9. can make you smile in a split second
  10. you know you can count on them with everything

But let’s dive even deeper

  • we have to look up to him, be inspired, think of him as someone special, that he has something great inside. 
  • it helps when they are successful as they have their own thing going on and are not going to text you 1M times a day
  • ability to talk about everything, some people like to avoid conflict, and the more you avoid the worse it gets. At some point you just feel the distance is to big and you fell like you cant talk to them anymore you loose connection
  • having respect for each other, respect boundries, decisions
  • ability to make decisions that work for both parties
  • similar viewpoints, clashing all the time is going to be draining and its supposed to be fun and happines
  • have stuff they like to do together. If one person loves sun and travel and the other don’t it wont work long term.
  • religion and politics the more aligned the better, if not than respect other persons values, but long term different values rarely work
  • trust, if there is no trust than its gonna be too draining. Every person that has common sense and been cheated on at some point will definitely keep an eye on the other person without them knowing. Plus the amazing thing about social media and friends is that people actually will come and tell you if something is not right. I will start doing it too, when I get messages from guys that are in relationships I will start sending screens of what they send me to they girls, so they know earlier what they are dealing with. Every girl should do it! Nobody wants to be cheated on so the faster you know the faster you can move on. And sometimes you see red flags but hard proof is a hard proof
  • maturity
  • someone they can raise child together,  i am looking for a guy like this to raise my kids with

  • diet and exercise- yep that is important, in my case i should be with a guy who works out, eat healthy and cooks healthy. When i am not- I get fat and it makes me unhappy 🙁
  • if you like doing videos and photos and the other person hates it than you are going to clash

You see how challenging it is to find that perfect guy. It doesn’t take long to figure out whether it will be worth it.

And then another important thing is people do change with time. The bad usually stays but the good changes into bad with time

I am strong believer that we have 2 lives in our lifetime. The second one starts when we realize we only have one. You are going to die, so do whatever makes you happy and be with people that add happiness to your life not add trouble.


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