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    Acne scar removal
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    Bunny ear problems
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    Everything you want to know about d&c

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What business woman are looking for in a man?

So I analyzed my past relationships: the good and the bad. What was great, what was bed and what was missing and I came up…

Should you invest in Pinterest Scheduler

Should you invest in Pinterest Scheduler? Case study on my example. Hi there! if you started blogging recently and feel like this is kinda overwhelming…

Habits of successful people

I want to start by saying I think of myself as someone who is successful. To me success means being able to do what you…

Blonde hairstyle transformations

This are some amazing blonde hairstyle transformations I found on Instagram. The two salons are in LA and do a great job with styling and…

Why u need patience and consistency if you want to …

It strikes me every time how people like to bs themselves. How they want to believe success is luck. How they misinterpret your message to…

24 epic macaroon birthday cake ideas to inspire your next birthday …

Last year I found this amazing macaroon birthday cake ideas on Pinterest and saved them to my board. This year I managed to find a…