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  • Red nail ideas

    Red nail ideas
  • Couple Photoshoot Ideas

    Couple Photoshoot Ideas
  • 100 things to do before you die

    100 things to do before you die
  • Red bean and banana chocolate cake

    Red bean and banana chocolate cake

Caribbean Cruise

This was our second Cruise. We loved our 1st cruise so much that we decided to go on a cruise again and I am sure…

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Skincare routine for oily acne prone skin

I’ve been researching a lot of cosmetics lately and decided to summarize my findings. I am going to follow this routine and if I will…

Breathtaking dresses

I consider a dress the simplest solution for an outfit. I do not need to think whether those pants will go well with this shirt…

white pants outfits

For me white pants are a must in a closet. I do not own much clothes but I do have 2 pairs of white pants.…

$6 lunch in New York

I found out about MealPal while on Pinterest. Lunches in NYC under $6 seemed too good to resist. I sign up and a few days…

5 smart ways to make money on the side

There are many options to earn money, some of them will be legit, some of them are just scams. In this post, I will tell…