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  • How to look rich AF on a budget

    How to look rich AF on a budget
  • Acne scar removal

    Acne scar removal
  • My Vision Board

    My Vision Board
  • Bunny ear problems

    Bunny ear problems

Breathtaking dresses

I consider a dress the simplest solution for an outfit. I do not need to think whether those pants will go well with this shirt…

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white pants outfits

For me white pants are a must in a closet. I do not own much clothes but I do have 2 pairs of white pants.…

$6 lunch in New York

I found out about MealPal while on Pinterest. Lunches in NYC under $6 seemed too good to resist. I sign up and a few days…

5 smart ways to make money on the side

There are many options to earn money, some of them will be legit, some of them are just scams. In this post, I will tell…

Complete guide to a healthy diet

Have you ever wandered what it means to eat healthy and deliver all the necessary ingredients to your body? There are multiple diets that concentrate…

How to take care of your rabbit

If you are thinking about how to make your rabbit feel happy, consider following. Bunny diet Bunny Food Make sure your rabbit is getting high quality…

Beautiful studio apartments

This post is my collection of the most beautiful studio apartments I found on the internet over a long period of time. I do not…