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    Acne scar removal
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    Bunny ear problems
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    Everything you want to know about d&c

Everything you need to know before you go to Hawaii

Hawaii food recommendations, how to commute on Oahu, what to do on Oahu, best Hawaii beaches, what insects can you meet in Hawaii.sightseeing tips, is…

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Top Hawaii Beaches

TOP Oahu Beaches Lanikai Beach this one and Kailua Beach that is right next to it are totally different than all the other beaches I…

Top 10 things to do on Oahu, Hawaii

I have spend over 2 weeks on Oahu in February 2018 and here are My top Oahu, Hawaii “bucket list” destinations. 1. Waikiki also known…

First Day in Hawaii

First day in paradise I can’t believe it is so beautiful here. I just arrived to Honolulu and am absolutely astonished by the beauty of…

How not to climb Stairway To Heaven

Feb 7, 2018 aka the scariest day of my life Stairway to heaven was on my to do bucket list and I knew I was…

20+ wonderful ideas for a cosy bedroom

20 ideas for a cosy bedroom.

Flamingo floatie photoshoot ideas

Flamingo photoshoot in the pool It seems like everyone want to have a picture with a pink flamingo in the pool. So I gathered over…