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Huahine – French Polynesia

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Huahine Diary – the most amazing beach & avocados


Huahine was the first island I visited in French Polynesia. I was close to not including it on my trip as I haven’t found any amazing reviews from other travelers but in the end it became my favorite French Polynesian island. I arrived in the afternoon, on a flight from New Zealand. 

It got a bit scary on day one

On my first day, in the morning I took my lazy couch as I wanted to try it out in the water. So far I was only using it in the dry environment.

Roughly 40 seconds after I had comfortably lied myself and enjoyed the gentle wind I realized how far I was from the beach. I was between the parked catamaran and the red boy.

Not thinking too long I jumped to the water and swam to the beach with my lazy bed in hand. A couple on a kayak noticed me and helped me out to bring me to the shore. As the lazy couch gets pretty high after inflation there was no way to steer it in the water.

Later I was told I had a lot of luck as there is a very strong current that could swipe me from the lagoon to the open ocean, close to the area I jumped to the lagoon. So this is how I started my Huahine adventure. 

White swimsuit zaful bora bora

Getting my toys ready

After that experience I decided to inflate my flamingo and pineapple as soon as possible to have some fun in the water.

I was staying in Huahine for 6 nights so I wanted to be prepared. First I went to both gas stations in Fare, but I was told it is after 5pm and they won’t help me.

Got back to my airbnb, spoke to my host and she advised to go to the “tire guy” who was very close from the house I stayed in. I went there next morning and the “tire guy” helped me out right away. My toys were ready within 5 mins. 

How I tried to inflate my toys by myself story

Oh, no I forgot to add, I actually had the air pomp. I used it in Hawaii to inflate my toys, but I didn’t think of the voltage and I burned it on my first attempt in Huahine. I loved this pomp, it helped me inflate my toys so quickly. It took only 5 min total for both. It also helps with deflating. I will repurchase this pomp as it is really good. 

About the airbnb

I had a lot of luck and stayed with a really nice Swiss lady who was fluent in english, french and german. She was the only person during my whole 1 month -French Polynesian trip, who spoke proper english and I could talk to. Her house was quite big with kitchen, living area and 2 bedrooms, mine and hers. There were mosquitieres in windows, but I still got bitten by mosquitos every single day.

I had two types of repellent that I applied on myself- one some lemon eucalyptus anti mosquito oil and the standard mosquito spray. I also had the anti-mosquito plug.

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Insects in Huahine

Mosquitos, I would not say that there was a lot of them, as I saw more, but it was enough to leave me with 50 fresh bites a night. I do attract mosquitos, and no repellent can protect me apparently. 

Geckos, when I saw the first 3-4 geckos I jumped and run away from my room asap, but then I saw how Janou (my host) it taking them in her bare hands and taking them outside and they looked so scared I stopped fearing them.  She also told me they eat the mosquitos, well those must probably not be too hungry as they haven’t touched my mosquitos.

Centipede- something I feared most and always looked under my feet wherever I was going. Those little monsters can bite you real hard and it is extremely painful. Janou showed me one when she was gardening and I would really love to unsee it, it was a disgusting creature.

Other than that I haven’t spotted anything else in Huahine, but I also wasn’t going out after sunset.

The only other animal I feared a bit was the dog. It wasn’t kept on the leash and was always coming with me on the beach, as he lived right next to the path that connects the street with the beach. I had to walk past him to go to the beach and he just joined me every time. He pooped on the beach, witch stank a lot, and once he even tried to swim to me, when I was alone on the beach. Luckily he got back but I left as soon as he disappeared from my sight.

The Huahine Beach

Huahine Beach was the most beautiful compared to Bora Bora and Maupiti. It has nice coral reef, but not an underwater jungle like Bora. There was some broken coral on the beach, but it was manageable to go barefoot. It also became deep within 4 meters from the beach. 

Most days it was just me, and sometimes 2 locals under palm tree, ocasionally there were cruise ships docking and there was probably 20 people on the beach. 

In the evenings locals were coming to the beach, drinking and laughing. But it was never more than 15 people, kids including.

huahine beach zaful bikini french polynesia

Tour around the island

Huahine has 60km (37 miles) of a well maintained road which go around both islands. Views are breathtaking. It took us probably 4 hours to go around, make photos, climb to the view point, make drone footage, swim on 2 beaches and go on a boat to the pearl farm. I link a video where you can see all of that, below.

My host offered me a tour for $40 for half day which was a great deal. You can rent a car for $50 for half day, but then you are on your own, and I was happy I had my own guide, who lives there and know what to see, where to go ect. I had a great time.


What to pack on Huahine

Mosquito repellent, or something that makes you invisible for mosquitos, if you found this something, please let me know as I need this asap.

I have a high tolerance for high temperatures but I would really advise to get an air-conditioned room as it gets really really hot and a fan is not enough.

I packed 10 swimsuits and you can see my Zaful review in here.


Prices on Huahine (Feb 2018)

I was positively surprised with the prices in Huahine, here is some of the items I bought:

Baguette- 80c/50c Huahine/Bora
water $1
brie cheese $2,5
12 eggs – $4
butter – $1,4
Foie Gras – $5,5
Avocado (the best I’ve ever had) $1.8
Juice $3-4
frozen shrimps $12 (2 meals)
wine $15
Monoi de Tahiti oil $5.5/4.35 Huahine/Bora
Mosquito Repellent $3-8
Sunscreen $15-20


Activities on Huahine

I went paddle boarding ($20 for 2h). You can also rent a kayak, bike or car. There are lagoon trips and diving trips but i wasn’t interested and haven’t checked the details. I would recommend taking some floatie with you, even small one.

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I hope this gives you a nice overview of what to expect.  If you are still not sure if Huahine is for you check out my short movie from Huahine here.


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