Habits of successful people

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I want to start by saying I think of myself as someone who is successful. To me success means being able to do what you want when you want with who you want and not waiting for approval/permission of other human being.

There is no-one who should have power to make you feel small, make you feel insignificant.

We all come to this world the same way. We all learn to speak, to walk and with time we discover our passions.

Some of us love their passions so much, it becomes they job. Others let other people tell them what is good for them and what they should do. Those rarely find happiness. 

They work 9-5, complain a lot and think this is how it is supposed to be.

Since very early age I always wanted to be self-dependent. This allows me to do what I want, live where I want, travel where I want- you get the drill.

So to me being successful is completely not related with how much money I have in the bank. Having millions of dollars doesn’t make you successful if you are not happy.  Do you want to be happy or perceived happy?

So in this post I want to show you some myths you may believe in and why you shouldn’t if you want to be successful.

  1. You need to get education to do something you like. 

Well if you are a dentist or surgeon this definitely applies but in many cases you don’t need a formal education with a certificate to be the best in your field.

nutritionist, first business, enterprenour

True story how I started my first business

This is how I got there

10 years ago I came to US for my first time. I was here 3 months and it was the first time I faced american food. After 2 months I gained 20 pounds. None of my clothes fit me anymore, from extra small I switched to medium size. I was actually surprised when that happened because I was always skinny and I never cared about the food I ate. And my faves were carbs, I ate pizza, pierogi, pancakes and everything that can make you fat but it never did in Poland. In US was a different story. 

So after the holidays I got back to Poland, thinking I will start eating Polish food and will get back to normal, surprisingly I didn’t. 

So like any person with a problem I started looking for a solution. I was looking for ideas how to loose weight. I consumed every possible fat burning pill i was able to find and I starved myself but for 2 years straight I didn’t get any result. My self medication was not working.

One day I met my personal nutritionist- Rafal. He showed me his photo how he used to look like and I saw the way he was looking when I met him. I knew that if he went through this process already, he will be able to help me. He got results. I started working with Rafal the same day. After 2 months I lost 20 ponds. Next 2 month I was on stabilization program and for many years I had no problem and the old weight never returned as a jojo effect. 

Why? Because what Rafal did was not giving me some special magic pills that would magically make me not hungry and burn all the fat in my cells. He taught me the basics of nutrition. He explained what my body needs in order to function properly. I learned exactly how much water I need to drink, how much protein I need, how much carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals I need to deliver. (And you can find this info in my other post here). But it wasn’t strict “54g of this or that” that I would count eating anything. It was explained logically so I just new the portion sizes and the balance. It was really really simple. 

Common sense is not always common practice. That is why I needed to have a personal nutritionist to be with me everyday, making sure I learn new eating habits, teaching me step by step. So the process was really really simple and enjoyable. I also ate way more then I did for the past 2 years (when I was self medicating) and I never felt hungry, whilst I was loosing those extra pounds.

habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity making money after i got fat

And then it happened

So what happened after those 4 months? He told me I should do it too, become a nutritionist. I thought he is crazy. Why? How he thinks I would be able to tell people what to do to lose weight? He explained: because you know the process. You know exactly what to do to get results, and other people need this help. You don’t need to be an expert and have diplomas, all you need is having the knowledge that they don’t have. And if you don’t believe me just watch the famous movie with DiCaprio – Catch me if you can.

I thought about it but have many “buts” popping in my head. 

What if someone ask me if I am a dietitian? – Did you ever asked me that?- he asked. No, I didn’t care, I saw your result and I wanted the same. 

Rafal used to be a policeman, but at some point he got so fat his eyes and knees started suffering and he knew it’s the time to do something about it. Once he got his result, his trainer told him he should do it too, and his first reaction was the same.

But thinking about it, who is it easier to believe someone can help you- someone who studied something or someone who went through the process and got the result you want for yourself? Someone who already faced what you are about to face, someone who will catch your bullshit anytime you want to cheat?

So I thought I will read everything I can so I don’t look stupid when I get a question I have no answer to. I learned a lot about nutrition, I went to conferences, I observed how Rafal and other trainers had their client meetings and it all felt right. I knew I can help people.

My achievements

I was a personal nutritionist for 3 years and I build a 16 people team whom I trained to do what I did. All this when I was a day-student at Wroclaw University of Economics, studying management and finance.

I had 3 clients a day, usually made 20-30 calls a day to schedule client appointments.

Consistency is key, so if you think customers would find you if you don’t promote yourself than you are going to be disappointed. I was putting 2-3h into client meetings and 2h into scheduling. With just 5h a day- and Sundays were free – I was able to make a really good income for a young student.

This experience taught me that you don’t need certificates to do something you love. All you need is results. People don’t buy from you because you have a diploma on the wall, they buy because they believe you can help them, better than anyone else.

habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity traits

This are the traits you need to possess to be successful:

  • ability to figure it out
  • relentless
  • persistance
  • consistency

Noone got a success without putting the work. So you can either invest your time and learn a new skill or pay someone to teach you or do it for you.

What I live by

Every time I think something is too expensive I stop and think, why I think so? Why I think it is too expensive? As other people can afford it, so should I. There is nothing I can’t do to get what I want.

———— small digression ——————-

And of course there are evenements and I don’t think I would ever be able to make $1B in 3 years like Kylie Jenner. I can definitely plan a $1m or $100m, but $1b seems out of reach if you don’t have a 100m audience who wants to buy from you or run a highly profitable corporation that is on the market for decades.

I know people who make $200k a day, and this is stil far far far from the $1b.

Just so you show how far it is: $200k a day is $6m per month or $70m per year. It would take 15 years to get to $1b. Kylie did that in 3.

This post is a little outdated and Sam makes now $200k a day and Jeweliet $300k a month – check out my photos with Jeweliet on my IG and follow her on FB. Also check out Sam’s course review– which was the best money I ever spent and without this course I wouldn’t be a Pinterest Manager – I would only be a PinMeApp owner:)

————– end of digression 🙂 —————-

If you are selling something you probably encountered a statement- “but this is too expensive” and yes some things are overpriced, but with many, the higher price can be justified and some are exactly the reason why you should get it. Let me explain.

If you say something is overpriced and you think of Balenciaga shoes than I am right here with you. You can get way nicer looking shoes for way less, without loosing the comfort or status.

The price can be justified if the quality is significantly better. So let’s say you can drive mazda or bmw- both are cars, both will get you to your destination but the comfort of driving is significant. If you don’t believe me, just go for a test drive with both cars and you will feel the difference. So it is justifiable to pay more for better comfort or more horsepower.

This example is the most important. When you want to get something that is going to give you result you want. So let’s say – on my example. I am a Pinterest Manager and I help people get clients/ website visitors/ followers/ leads, whatever you call it.  So many people in order to do their business they need those clients, leads, visitors followers because the more (clients/ website visitors/ followers/ leads) they get the more $ they make.

So if you tell me that my price is too high, you can’t afford it, it is exactly why you should make everything you can to afford me. Because once I get you those clients you would no longer have the ” I can’t afford” problem. If you keep doing what you do you will stay where you are. But if you want 3300 visitors instead of 700, which should allow you make 4x more sales than the decision should be simple. 

And I do the same with my business- if I want to rank high in Google search I hire Neil Patel – cause there is no one who ranks higher than him.

why rank high in search results habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity

Why you should want to rank high in search?

Just look at Google example. If you look for something, you type the keywords in the search bar and you get to see the first 10 results. 3 of them, on the top are ads, but 7 of them are organic search results. So you get 70% chance that someone would go on your site if you rank on 1st page of Google organically. Additionally once you rank that high – you won’t disappear from the search results the next day. If you stop paying for ads you disappear immediately. 

So, putting all your eggs to one basket is not a good idea. Just buying ads to lead to your site is not the right solution. It’s definitely good idea to invest in ads at the beginning, whilst you work on the SEO. But once you rank high you don’t need ads anymore.

fb ads, ig ads habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity

Why you shouldn’t just focus on FB and IG ads?

Do you remember? It was like 2 weeks ago when FB and IG were not working for half day- all those people who rely on those ads made significantly less sales that day. What if that lasted longer or there was some serious bug in the code and app could not be brough back to life? You need to strategize and plan your new strategy whilst not getting paid. Not a fun scenario.

Organic search results are and always will be the best you can get for your business. It takes time to build the authority and rank high but once you are there you get clients knocking on your door everyday. 

When you plan to buy something, sometimes you Google it, find and buy right away. According to research, sometimes you will dwell, look for more options, wait for discounts or you want to buy it in 6 months. Usually when people search for something only 15% buy right away, 85% buys within 6 months.

pay per click how much habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity

So the ads you show to people have to be up for a long time and you need to spend a lot if you want to outperform your competition. If you save on ads your competition will pay more and take your clients, cause you didn’t want to pay $2 instead of $1 for click, but you were about to gain $70 with the sale- makes no sense right?

Now paying for something like search engine optimization – what I do on Pinterest and Neil Patel on Google is not going to give you results right away. It takes sometimes even months to get to the top. Pinterest wins here as it is not only search engine, but when you pin your content it is being shown to your followers as well. And if they like it and repin i , it reaches their followers as well – audience you would otherwise never reach. It is an extremely viral platform.  I only have 4k followers on Pinterest but my pins are reaching 6m people every month. 1000x more people can see what I share than follows me. Now look at your stats on IG or FB and tell me if you can say the same.

pinmeapp all you need to know results habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity

Consistency is key – PinMeApp and SEO results

As I developed PinMeApp- a tool that helps you pin everyday in an automated way I experienced a 49% spike in traffic to my blog in March 2019. Posts I published 3 weeks ago or 8 months ago were doing really great and that brought me the additional traffic. I don’t post here much as my main focus is my app and my clients results but the work I put long time ago in Pinterest optimization plus the consistent everyday pinning with my app is paying off. I could grow my blog bigger, I could write new posts, create new pins but this is not really my goal at this time. My goal is to help people get more clients. Why? Because it helps them do what they love and it makes the world a happier place.

—————- small digression —————————–

What are you doing to help make this world a better place? Share in the comments below. Let other people know and support you. If you share your idea there is a chance I will showcase it in this post as well to help brig more awareness.

Click here to see how my client- Jackson helps make this world a better place.

—————- end of digression ——————–

habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity, do what you love

And I am not saying that everybody should go and change their job right away, there are people who really love what they do in their 9-5. But if the only thing that is stopping you doing what you love is worrying that you wont find clients then I have news for you. I can help you with that. You can be a photographer, realtor, baker, you can run ecommerce store and sell bikinis, you can own a beauty salon, a boat rental company- anything you can think of there is a big chance I can help you get more clients.

If you are a youtuber, instagrammer, blogger and want more traffic and followers, I can help you with that as well.

I do not monetize my business by being IG model that is why I don’t grow audience there. My IG account is purely so you can see me in real life when I travel, spend time with my bunnies and friends. And you also get some updates on my work. If you want ot get to know me then feel free to follow. 

Do I want to grow my YT Channel?- also, not really- why? because if I embed my YouTube video on my blog I will earn 4x more from my blog ads, so I rather drive traffic to my blog- my own site.

If you want to know more about Pinterest for Instagrammers, Bloggers and YouTubers, check out linked posts. (If you don’t see links, it means I plan to upload those posts soon, so feel free to subscribe to my blog so you will get notification once I publish new posts:) The option to subscribe should be visible somewhere in the right panel and one day I will find out how to add it wherever I want. It is on my to do list:)

To conclude this post I will leave you with this question:

Why are you not doing what you love? If you do or don’t let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! As always, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. And if you found this slightly helpful, I’d appreciate if you could help me share with more people. Cheers!

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habbits of successful people allthestufficareabout life business tips productivity

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