100 things to do before you die

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Welcome to my bucket list! It is a never-ending work in progress, continuously being altered and updated.

Anything is possible in my mind, so it’s a good idea to plan the things we want to happen.

It is my hope that you use these bucket list ideas and examples as inspiration to create your own cool and adventurous bucket list. And then you take at least one step everyday to complete the items on it. Having this bucket list has huge influence on my life (for the better, of course!) and I wish the same for you.

As I was compiling the things I want to happen I used Pinterest to look at other people ideas which allowed this list to grow from 10 to 100+ items. As I also completed a lot of things that either were on my list or were listed on other people’s list I decided to include them when I thought it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Experiences are segmented in a few categories and some of them will have empty or full diamonds that indicate whether this is already completed or not.


I have been in quite a few places already, some of them I visited couple of times, some I want to revisit so I am listing it all. Here is my previous travel bucket list.


  1. ✦ ✧ Experience cherry blossom in NYC/Japan/Washington DC

Cherry Blossom in Brooklyn Botanic Garden - allthestufficareabout

2. ✦ ✧ Go on canoe trip

3. ✦ ✧ Take weekend gateways

100 things to do before you die bucket list roadtrip in style

relationship goals king queen

4. ✦ ✧ Go on a cruise ( been on two, one in Europe and one in Caribbean, great experience and would love to go again with MSC or Royal Caribbean). I managed to visit a lot of beautiful places over 1 week that would normally require 10 separate trips. I’ve been in Venice, Andora, Split, Dubrownik, Santorini, Mykonos and Key West, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominikan Republic)

5. ✦ ✧ Helicopter ride (in NYC, Las Vegas – over Grand Canyon)

allthestufficareabout helicopter tour nyc

6. ✦ ✧ visit 50 states (so far I’ve been in 14: AR, CA, CO, DC, FL, HI, ID, MD, NV, NY, NJ, UT, VA, WY)

7. ✧ swim with sea turtles (I tried but it was raining in Hawaii during the trip and got sick in Maldives and didn’t go, still on my to do list)

swim with sea turtle



8. ✧ visit Rio de Janeiro (my whole bucket list for Rio is listed in this article and also includes paragliding) This trip is already planned for 2021

rio allthestufficareabout pilotmadeline

9. ✧ visit Iguazzu Falls (this is going to be a day trip from Rio)

10. ✧ visit Lençóis Maranhenses (same)

Lençóis Maranhenses allthestufficareabout

11. ✧ hike in Peru

travel couple relationship couple goals


12. ✦ ✧ NYC – ice skating on Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park, take a staycation, watch a movie in Bryant Park, do a picnic in Central Park

christmas relationship goals photoshoot couple goals 10

13. ✦ ✧ Miami – go to LIV and Story, paddle board, chill on the beach- go with a friend and show them around where I lived, watch sunrise and sunset, play tennis, bike from Miami to Miami Beach on Venitian

miami living miami vacation things to do wynwood miami miami to do moving to miami living in miami miami things to do

14. ✦ see a crocodile/alligator in the Everglades | Florida

15. ✦ have fun at Walt Disney World | Florida

16. ✦ ✧Hawaii – visit Honolulu, Big Island Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, hike stairway to heaven

kauaii allthestufficareabout

17. ✧ visit San Francisco – take a pic with Golden Gate bridge – this trip is planned for 2021

18. ✧ visit Yosemite – this trip is planned for 2021

roadtrip vibes sleep in car

19. ✧ Ski in Aspen | Colorado 

100 things to do before you die bucket list aspen

20. ✦ ✧ Las Vegas (been there 4 times already, but is always on my list as thats where I start my canyon road-trips)

21. ✦ ✧ go on a road-trip and visit US canyons: antelope, Horseshoe band, Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, Bryce ( I already did this road-trip 3 times: 2009, 2013 and 2019 but I love it and gonna revisit as much as I can). What I haven’t done yet but want to is to sleep in a car on the road-trip

100 things to do before you die bucket list sleep in car roadtrip

22. ✦ Drive Route 66 (found the sign on our way to Joshua Tree in 2019. Took 3 attempts to find it)

23✦ ✧ Stand Under the Hollywood Sign | California

24 ✦ See the White House | Washington DC

25. ✧ visit Canada (Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Banff)

26. ✦ ✧Visit Tulum again- rent a pool villa, swim in Mexican Cenotes

tulum mexico allthestufficareabout neverending footsteps

coco tulum insta place


27. ✧ Go on a week yacht trip and visit St. Maarten, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Lucia, Cuba, Jamaica

100 things to do before you die bucket list style yacht part

28. ✦ Visit Damajagua waterfalls and Punta Cana in Dominican Republic

29. ✦ Visit Bahamas

30. ✦ Visit Turks and Caicos

31. ✦ Visit Curacao



32.✧ Fly a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

33.✧ visit Iceland – swim in blue lagoon

34. ✧ visit Madeira

35. ✧ visit Portugal (Lagos, Faro, Abufeira, Lisboa, Porto)

36. ✦✧ Spain (see Malaga, Marbella) visit Barcelona again

37. ✧ France: Cannes, Monaco, Marseille, Paris

100 things to do before you die bucket list anna paris

38. ✦ Fuertaventura

39. ✦✧ Greece (been to Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodos), discover other islands

40. ✧ Finland – lapony  igloo trip

northern lights

41. ✦✧visit Budapest again

42. ✦ London

43. ✦ Ibiza

44. ✦✧ Italy trip– Positano, Milan, Rome, Amalfi coast, Capri. I still want to see Sycilia, Sardegna and Venice

45. ✦ Amsterdam



46. ✧ visit Dubai (very high on my list, hopefully will visit in 2021)

47. ✧ Bali -rent a pool villa

48. ✧ Philipines

49. ✧ Hong Kong

50. ✧ Thailand

bali phillipines thailand hong kong bucket list

51. ✧ Japan

52. ✦✧ Maldives (been twice, will go again, amazing people and beautiful place)



53. ✧ Seychelles

100 things to do before you die bucket list seychelles



54. ✦✧ Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth)

55. ✦ visit Bora Bora

White swimsuit zaful bora bora

56. ✦ Auckland, NZ


57. ✧ Rihanna concert

58. ✧ Drake concert

59. ✧ The Weekend concert

60. ✧ learn to play poker – play poker in casino

61. ✧ attend white party

62. ✧ attend pink party in NYC

63. ✦ attend foam party

64. ✧ go to a festival in Zrce beach, Croatia

65. ✧ play in a movie

66. ✧ play in a commercial

67. ✧ Play in a music video

68. ✧ be a model for a wedding fashion brand photoshoot

100 things to do before you die bucket list wedding photoshoot

69. ✧ do a boudoir shoot

70. ✦ skiing

71. ✦ snowboarding

72. ✦✧ jetski

jetski 100 things to do before you die

73. ✧ throw a mega party (rent a yacht and party with friends – Dubai/Miami)

74. ✦✧ get a complete makover with makeup hair and photoshoot

100 things to do before you die bucket list make up

75. ✧ Create a piece of art– tiktok idea

76. ✦ Close the Club

77. ✦ Skinny Dip

78. ✦✧ paddle-board

79 ✦ parasailing

80. ✦ pole dancing class

81. ✦ go off-roading

82. ✦ see John Oliver live recording



83. achieve your ideal body 

body goals waist trainer get fit

black swim suit body goals bucket list

fit body

84. learn at least 1 tik tok dance

85. be vegetarian for 21 days

86. conquer your fear – swim with sharks

87. reach your goals with your business

88. create a nutrition course

89. create a course on hacking

90 create a course on something you are an expert on (Pinterest)

91. write 3 thing you are grateful for every day for min 90 days

92. publish 50 blog posts/ youtube videos/tiktoks

93. define your core values

94. develop positive attitude

95. write your life’s purpose

96. create a source of passive income

97. learn self discipline

98. design a website

99. start a business

100. go on a solo trip for at least 4 weeks

101. go on a solo trip preferably to a foreign place like Iceland – I did Hawaii, Bora Bora, Auckland and Sydney

102. invest in stock/crypto/currency

103. live in a different country for at least 6 months ( 4 years in my case)

104. walk a suspension bridge (did that in Belfast)

105. publish a book

106. get closure of all your hurt and unhappiness of the past

107. bury the hatchet with all the enemies and people you had conflict with in the past

108. move to NYC

100 things to do before you die bucket list nyc winter

nyc bucket list

109. move to Miami

110. do intermittent fasting for 30 days

111. do a 30 day rejection challenge

112. do 75 hard

113. be a mentor to someone

114. start a business doing something you love

115. start a blog and make passive income with it

116. do public speaking in front of audience of 300+

117. create a video and upload it to the internet

118. get hypnotized

119. do a 30h fast

120. be a leader in my field

121. be a self made millionaire



122. bake a cake for someone special

100 things to do before you die bucket list traditions


123. find your life partner (friend, partner and lover in 1 person)

100 things to do before you die bucket list love shoe

relationship goals funny couple photoshoot inspo


124. learn how to be a good parent

100 things to do before you die bucket list happy family bucket list

gir on boostedboard kids skateboard

125. learn how to be a good friend

100 things to do before you die bucket list nyc winter

126. establish family traditions (like weekend road trips)

family christmas photo

127. create a loving and happy home

100 things to do before you die bucket list love happy relationship

100 things to do before you die bucket list family kids

100 things to do before you die bucket list love car

128. ✦ Get Engaged

100 things to do before you die bucket list engaged

100 things to do before you die bucket list get engagement ring

129. ✦ Get Married

130. let someone know how much they mean to you

100 things to do before you die bucket list spoiled black flowers

100 things to do before you die bucket list white gift

flowers goals bucket list romantic

131. do something everyday without expecting anything in return

132. ✧ Organize a Family Photoshoot

133. ✧ Write a Love Note with Lipstick on the Bathroom Mirror



134. ✦ dye my hair blonde

brunette to blonde hair transformation

135. ✦ wear a wig

136. ✦✧ get a designer handbag

100 things to do before you die bucket list dior gift

137. ✦✧ get designer shoes

100 things to do before you die bucket list chanel slides

138. ✦✧ get designer accessories



139. buy high quality stuff – silk sheets, silk clothes

silk pillowcase

140. pay others to do chores – cleaning lady

141. drive your dream car

chanel flowers car

142. live in your dream house

dream house pool hawaii

143. do hair analysis

144. print items from my vision board and arrange it on the wall in my bedroom

145. hire a personal shopper

146. do my lashes regularly

147. do my hair regularly

148. do my nails regularly

summer nails inspo

149. do eyebrow micro-pigmentation

150. do laser treatment

151. do regular facials

152. get massages regularly

153. have an air-purifier

154. have water purifier

155. go out regularly

156. use designer cosmetics

100 things to do before you die bucket list spoiled ch

chanel cosmetics




157. fly 1st class

158. get a pet

bunny mum bunny mama bunny mummy allthestufficareabout nycbunnies

159. tell at least 10 people about your bucket list and encourage them to do it as well

160. help someone in need

161. develop a financial plan

162. invest 10%+ of your income

163. attend a wedding in a different country

164. surprise someone – buy a trip, fly out not announced, buy luxury gift, buy food for a stranger, 

165. have a hobby – tennis, bike, skiing, jetski

166. climb a mountain – Breakneck Ridge (4 times in NY)

167. have a white Christmas

168. make a significant change in someones life

169. send someone flowers

170. do a branding photoshoot




  • 358
  • 358

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